FAO: ‘Delayed planting in Sudan may lead to 50% crop loss’ | Radio Dabanga

Delayed and poor rainfall in a number of Sudanese localities during this year’s rainy season may lead to a significant decrease of yields in the November-January harvest period, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reported.

According to a FAO survey, the 25-80 percent reduction in rainfall coupled with a delayed planting period may lead to a 30-50 percent crop loss.

The localities most at risk of poor harvests are concentrated in North Darfur, South Darfur and Central Darfur, as well as Hamashkoreeb locality in eastern Sudan’s Kassala state.

The full impact of a low harvest will be felt most acutely during the traditional lean season between March and June next year. This could increase food insecurity in affected localities, especially among small-scale farmers and pastoralists who make up the bulk of Sudan’s rural poor. …

Source: FAO: ‘Delayed planting in Sudan may lead to 50% crop loss’ | Radio Dabanga

Western Journalism and Sudan: a painful deficit, with growing consequences – Sudan Tribune: Plural news and views on Sudan

… with the exception of reporting by Sudanese news organizations such as Sudan Tribune and Radio Dabanga—both publishing electronically in exile—we hear virtually nothing about affected civilians in Sudan, and the brutality of the Khartoum regime that rules Sudan. But regime policies have generated staggering numbers of displaced persons and refugees, pervasive and dangerous malnutrition rates, a disintegrating medical system, and ethnically-targeted destruction in Darfur that amounts to genocide.

And it is not simply Darfur: virtually all of Sudan that suffers; only the riverine elite in Khartoum and its environs, and the regime’s hand-picked cronies, have managed to insulate themselves from these disasters, which threaten to become a tidal wave of catastrophe as the Sudanese economy continues to implode …

Source: Western Journalism and Sudan: a painful deficit, with growing consequences – Sudan Tribune: Plural news and views on Sudan

Soaring grain prices in Sudan, famine expected | Radio Dabanga

The prices of sorghum and millet are skyrocketing in western and eastern Sudan. The current agricultural season failed in many parts of the country because of the late and poor rainfall this year … The merchants expect a famine, as they are certain that the prices will increase even more because of the failure of this year’s main agricultural season…

Source: Soaring grain prices in Sudan, famine expected | Radio Dabanga

Sudan OCHA bulletin 40: Acute malnutrition in North Darfur | Radio Dabanga

Hunger prevails among people in North Darfur’s Ailliet locality, according to findings of a recent screening. The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Sudan reports in its latest weekly bulletin that the ‘Global Acute Malnutrition’ (GAM) rate for the locality is at 25.3 percent, considerably above the emergency threshold of 15 percent. …

Source: Sudan OCHA bulletin 40: Acute malnutrition in North Darfur | Radio Dabanga

Food security crisis in Blue Nile: 30,000 people at risk of a localised famine — SKBNCU Flash

Lack of rains, after sporadic falls in May 2015, have provoked the substantial disruption of maize and short-term sorghum cultivation in the payam of Wadaka and Chali (Kurmuk county) in Blue Nile. As a result, around 30,000 people living in those areas are at risk of a localised famine. Deaths due to malnutrition and sickness from eating inappropriate wild foods have already been reported from the Koma Ganza area, where around 15,000 people live in critical humanitarian conditions. … For the time being, rains in 2 nearby Yabus payam have allowed people to cultivate. Because of the protracted conflict in Blue Nile (and South Kordofan), the coping strategies of the population in these areas are already exhausted. …

Source: http://www.sudanconsortium.org/darfur_consortium_actions/reports/2015/Flash%20update%20_10-8%20October%202015.%2030,000%20people%20at%20risk%20of%20localised%20famine%20in%20Blue%20Nile.pdf

Treating malnutrition in Sudan’s North Darfur – European Commission

Sudan is among the countries in the world with the highest rate of undernutrition. One in every three children aged under five is stunted and one in six weighs too little for his or her height. Four states, including North Darfur, have acute malnutrition levels. …

Source: Treating malnutrition in Sudan’s North Darfur – European Commission

‘Funding woes force NGO from Garsila, North Darfur’ | Radio Dabanga

Last month Norwegian Church Aid (NCA), an NGO working in the field of health, water and livelihoods, reportedly closed its office in Garsila, capital of Wadi Salih locality, Central Darfur.“The organisation closed the office in Garsila on 15 September and transported its five vehicles, five motorcycles, four generators, computers, and other office equipment to its office in the state capital of Zalingei,” a Garsila community elder told Radio Dabanga.The sheikh said that NCA representatives had told them that the Garsila office was closed because of a lack of funds.He added that the organisation has been serving more than 100,000 people …

Source: ‘Funding woes force NGO from Garsila, North Darfur’ | Radio Dabanga

Sudanese rights groups urge US Department of Justice to pay out BNP Paribas compensation by RFI | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Sudanese rights groups are calling on the US Department of Justice to urgently pay out compensation after a big French bank was fined for breaking economic sanctions. Earlier this year, BNP Paribas was sentenced to pay almost 9 billion dollars for violating US sanctions against Sudan, Cuba and Iran. RFI’s Daniel Finnan has more…

Groups urge U.S. gov’t to urgently fund Sudan’s humanitarian needs from BNP-Paribas money – Sudan Tribune

Rights activists, Sudan advocates and Sudanese diaspora leaders called on the U. S. Justice Department to use without delay part of the nearly nine billion dollars penalty paid by the BNP-Paribas (BNPP) to fund humanitarian aid in Sudan. …

Source: Groups urge U.S. gov’t to urgently fund Sudan’s humanitarian needs from BNP-Paribas money – Sudan Tribune: Plural news and views on Sudan

Sudan refugee advocates ask DOJ for bank settlement money – POLITICO

By Jon Prior
10/01/2015 04:48PM EDT

Advocates for refugees fleeing violence in Sudan are pressing the Justice Department to devote billions from a recent settlement with BNP Paribas for humanitarian aid.

DOJ has said it would make available $3.8 billion of the $8.9 billion BNP was ordered to pay for violating U.S. sanctions on certain officials in the country, according to a settlement struck last year that included a guilty plea. The advocates, which range from human rights groups to genocide scholars, have proposed establishing a fund they say will pay for food and healthcare for victims. Some advocates have been frustrated with officials they say have been slow to make a decision, and they fear it may take years for money from the settlement to reach those in need.

The groups point out that the Darfur genocide began during the period BNP helped government officials evade sanctions. In September, a group of lawmakers asked Attorney General Loretta Lynch to use some of the BNP settlement for humanitarian aid in Sudan.

Eric Reeves, a Sudan researcher and one of the authors of the proposal, said that DOJ must “move as expeditiously as possible” to “begin the flow of funds to existing aid agencies capable of helping with the most critical emergency aid requirements.”

Source: https://www.politicopro.com/financial-services/whiteboard/2015/10/sudan-refugee-advocates-ask-doj-for-bank-settlement-money-061435