Food security crisis in Blue Nile: 30,000 people at risk of a localised famine — SKBNCU Flash

Lack of rains, after sporadic falls in May 2015, have provoked the substantial disruption of maize and short-term sorghum cultivation in the payam of Wadaka and Chali (Kurmuk county) in Blue Nile. As a result, around 30,000 people living in those areas are at risk of a localised famine. Deaths due to malnutrition and sickness from eating inappropriate wild foods have already been reported from the Koma Ganza area, where around 15,000 people live in critical humanitarian conditions. … For the time being, rains in 2 nearby Yabus payam have allowed people to cultivate. Because of the protracted conflict in Blue Nile (and South Kordofan), the coping strategies of the population in these areas are already exhausted. …