WFP voucher programme severely underfunded – UN OCHA

Funding for WFP cash and voucher assistance is facing a severe shortfall, with a complete break in funding anticipated from July onwards. WFP estimates the extent of this funding shortfall at almost $24.8 million, including $18.4 million in transfer value for the next six months. In response, WFP has already halted a number of expansion plans and will likely cut rations in some locations for the month of June. If no urgent funds are mobilized however, WFP may have to further disrupt the voucher distribution cycle with more extensive ration cuts or even complete suspension of the programme. This puts almost 500,000 people, mostly IDPs, at risk of receiving no voucher assistance from September onwards…

Source: OCHA Sudan Weekly Humanitarian Bulletin – OCHA_Sudan_Weekly_Humanitarian_Bulletin_Issue_22_(25_-_31_May_2015).pdf